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get more qualified
leads for your Sales Team
Finding customers on the internet is hard . Finding qualified customers on the internet is even harder. Lead generation is much more than just placing your ads online, it’s about presenting them to the right people with the right proposition at the right time. We specialize in getting you more qualified customers at  affordable costs!  
We will work exclusively with you to deliver, high intent qualified leads for your sales team  on a fixed cost per lead basis. With our methodology, we can help you optimize your cost per acquisition while reducing the investment risks for your business.
Quick Start
Go live in 2-4 weeks with no technical involvement on your side.
Free Set Up
Setting up is part of our responsibilities, set up and testing is FREE 
3 Months test
Test with no investment or risk on your side, no brainer.

WHY acktivate digital

Cost per Lead
We analyse the market and, with you, set a cost per lead basis.
Together we will set a constant communication and reporting structure.
In most instances we are able to integrate our marketing activities into your business without any operational disruption
Expert Team
Our experienced digital team will focus on improving lead quality and growing your sales.
This month you don't need all those leads, no problem, scale up or down as needed.
No investment
We invest the ad spent for you without interfering with your marketing activities.
Find out how  AKTIVATE , can help you find new customers, enter new markets and grow your business.